Following decades developing legal frameworks to protect stratospheric ozone and the climate, my worlds collided in late 2018 when I happened upon a tweet about how forcing LEGALIZED CANNABIS to be grown indoors was resulting in GRID STRAIN and threatening California's greenhouse gas



I may have stumbled onto the link between two of my loves -- the PLANET and the PLANT -- but as previously with work in the cellular industry and on climate change, I find myself with a front row seat as the issue emerges. I bring to Cannabis an understanding of how legal and policy regimes form when NOVEL ISSUES MATERIALIZE seemingly overnight INTO OBJECTS OF PUBLIC PERCEPTION.



At virtually the exact moment I secured my first Cannabis client, publication of Michael Pollan's How to Change Your Mind catapulted psychedelics into the mainstream and deepened the conversation about wider drug policy reform. As we dismantle 80 plus years of misguided prohibition, I am excited to apply my experience to shaping SMART POLICIES AND REGULATORY FRAMEWORKS to psychedelics and Cannabis, including how to transition 

legacy operations.