I am seeking my next professional adventure, be it in the form of a short-term contract, a project, or a salaried position. 

My skill set is highly diverse -- I am a lawyer, an analyst, a manager of projects and people, an organizer and an educator. I can draft a Citizen's Petition and run a Twitter feed. I have substantive expertise in a broad swath of policy issues surrounding the global environment and sustainable development. I have a stellar reputation for delivering products on-time and on-budget, to clients that include multilateral institutions, intergovernmental bodies, federal, state and local governments, non-governmental organizations and private sector manufacturers.


What can I help you accomplish?

A bit of history...

After two plus decades working on a defined set of legal and policy topics, in 2007 I decided, for a variety of reasons, to take a one-year sabbatical … which I then extended in order to care full-time for my yet of school-age children.


Transitioning back to work in 2013, I fell into three successive "stints” helping friends and former colleagues with business ventures and challenges: launching a live music venue, overseeing a synagogue in turmoil, and operationalizing a start-up consulting firm. 

Where to ...?

I may not know exactly. But I do know which topics interest me most, the range of functional tasks I can perform, and what types of working environments suit me.

What do you need?  Let’s connect and explore how I can contribute to your success.